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Hometown Rent to Own works in tandem with Superior Sheds to ensure a seamless and easy business platform. Both companies are locally owned in Anderson, South Carolina, so you are never waiting for an answer from one of our representatives.

Superior Sheds is here to help get your business up and running or to complement your existing lot and make becoming a shed dealer simple. As a dealer with Superior Sheds, you can set your own hours, receive unlimited income,  and best of all - no money out of pocket is required to get started.

Superior Sheds are as the name implies - “Superior." Their sheds are second to none. Your customer can customize their shed and have it delivered to their desired location or build on-site. Superior Sheds can also work with your customers' HOA to color match to avoid red tape. All Components used in manufacturing each unit come with a warranty and Superior Sheds also offers a 2-year manufacturing defect warranty so you can sell with confidence. If you would like to schedule a tour of our manufacturing site, please contact Cammeron Ripley at 864.356.3626 - to make arrangements.

Using the current working relationship between Superior Sheds and Hometown Rent to Own, your inventory can be completely floor-planned out for you with no money out of pocket for inventory. The only cost for each unit sold is $100 per building - that's it!

Unlike most floor-plan companies, Superior Sheds and Hometown Rent to Own do not dictate to our retailers the retail price of your inventory. Other companies set limits of a 10% profit, but with us, you can keep your money.

We do not require a credit check for your customer. Simply input basic information, submit to Hometown Rent to Own, and you're done! Your building is sold and your customer is now “renting to own” their new shed with easy, simple terms. We provide your business with the computer program necessary to process the agreement and will make sure you’re trained on our system prior to becoming a dealer. Our local staff is always available to answer your questions and guide you through the rental process.  

*All interested dealers will need to have a GL insurance policy listing Hometown Rent to Own as additionally insured*

Have a question? Submit your inquiry and we will respond within 24 hours or give us a call at 864.847.9009!

Want to schedule a tour of our manufacturing site? Contact Cammeron Ripley 864.356.3626 - to make arrangements.

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